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Ten Key Characteristics of a Premier Home Buying Company in Minneapolis

Releasing the keys to a cherished home, especially an ancestral or long-inhabited one, can invoke many emotions. This journey can bring out apprehensions about finding the right buyer or the sentimentality attached to a house. Leading professional home-buying companies like MN Nice Home Buyers understand these sentiments deeply and prioritize your best interests. With a … Continued

Selling Your Home During Divorce in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Going through a divorce is never an easy thing for anyone. The emotional and logistical complexities of ending a marriage can be overwhelming. Amidst the emotional whirlwind of divorce, tackling the intricacies of selling a home can become even more daunting. The shared memories within those walls and the legalities of property division make for … Continued

Why Inheriting a Home in Twin Cities Can Be a Hassle for Siblings

When siblings inherit a home together, complications are apt to arise, so it’s wise to forearm yourself about how to deal with the possible issues or avoid them altogether. For example, dividing an estate among two or more siblings, especially at such a highly emotional time, can be challenging if there are disagreements or a … Continued

Why it Pays to Quickly Sell Your Inherited Home in Twin Cities

Unfortunately, while close friends or family members may have had the best intentions when they left their house to you, the reality doesn’t always work out favorably for the benefactor. Many who inherit a home have no interest in living on the property. For others, it’s too emotional for them to be in the house, … Continued

3 Things You Can Do With a Bad Rental Property in Twin Cities

Deciding what to do about the non-stop headaches when dealing with a bad rental property can take time and effort. If you are ready to cut your losses and sell the property, you have probably considered listing with a real estate agent. Besides the high agent fees and prep costs, the trouble with the listing … Continued

5 Ways the Twin Cities Real Estate Industry is Changing in 2023

While some basics about real estate will never change, the industry is constantly modified to keep in step with economic changes, updates to industry standards, technological advances and shifts in real estate trends. Along with all this, lawmakers are continually updating the tax codes which affect real estate transactions. Keeping your eyes on the horizon … Continued

5 People to Partner With When Selling Your House in Twin Cities

When selling your house, you will encounter many people and potential buyers walking through during showings. For those considering listing on your own to save money, you should know that the abysmal statistics show that only 8 percent of successful home sales are FSBO. They sell for much lower than they would with an agent; … Continued

What Twin Cities Real Estate Buyers and Sellers Can Expect in 2023

A renewed focus on homeownership brought about by the pandemic changed the perspective of the population that would generally be renters. As a result, Twin Cities real estate investors should be aware that this driving force is now cooling and consider adjusting their investment strategy accordingly. So read on as we explore what Twin Cities … Continued

What You Should Know About Selling a Co-Owned Property in Northfield

Co-ownership of a property allows participants to purchase property that would otherwise be beyond their means. For example, co-ownership is an excellent way for close friends or family members to help split the costs of a shared property or several properties in vacation spots, such as a beachfront property and a mountain home.  Co-ownership also … Continued
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