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Travis :
Hi everyone, this is Travis with Minnesota Nice Home Buyers here. I’m here to tell you today the type of properties that we buy. I’m out at one of my properties I just acquired a couple weeks ago from a homeowner that no longer wanted the property. It needed a lot of work and didn’t know who to turn to to help them out. So I’m here today to show you the type of properties we buy. And with that being said, let’s take the tour together right now and I’m going to go ahead and show you what I buy.

Okay. Here’s the type of house that I bought. It’s a two-story house. Here’s the yard, needs a decent amount of work to it. People left a lot of stuff outside. That’s not uncommon. So we go ahead and take care of all that stuff. I know it needs a lot of work, but that’s what we specialize in, is taking care of properties that need a lot of work. So let’s go ahead and take a grand tour of the house, of the inside, so you get an idea of what we take care of.

Okay, about ready to pop into the property. Here we go. This is a old house, I think it was built around the 1930s. It needs a decent amount of work. Here I’ll show you what I’ve got going on. Definitely needs some work. It’s an older farmhouse, I believe in the 1930s, but if a kitchen’s worn down, needs a lot of work, new flooring, new paint. Here we are going into the dining room. You can get an idea. So with that being said, of the type of properties that I’m showing you here today that we buy, we do also buy pretty houses. So don’t let any of these houses that I show you in my videos and need a lot of work, I will also buy houses that need very little work or need no work at all, but you maybe need to sell fast for one reason or another. I can also help you out there, our company will, at Minnesota Nice Home Buyers. Here’s also an extreme, needs a lot of work. The wall is open. Stuff is left behind.

And that’s another key benefit of our business. We will buy your property in as is condition. As you can see here, this one needs a lot of work. And because it needs a lot of work, the homeowner just couldn’t afford or didn’t want to afford to do the repairs. And I can understand that, because it costs many tens of thousands of dollars to fix. So we’re going to be able to buy your property in as is condition, and you’re going to be able to leave all the stuff you want behind. So look here, you see there’s a bunch of stuff in here? And all we did is we hit the easy button for you. We’re going to go ahead and take care of anything that needs a lot of work. Look at this bathroom, kind of falling apart, nothing good about it, rough shape. And we will go ahead and happily buy this and take this problem off your hands.

Okay everyone, I want to explain what Minnesota Nice Home Buyers does for you. When we buy a property from you, we’re going to buy it in as is condition. We’re not going to have any inspection contingencies after we see the house. So once we give you an offer, that doesn’t change after we give you a written offer on the property. That price stays the same all the way until the closing date. With it being sold in as is condition, that means no repairs, updates, or warranties that you’re going to imply and press to give to us. We’re going to go ahead and take all that liability off your hands. And then also we’re going to allow you to leave stuff behind in the property. As you already saw in the video, you can leave personal stuff behind. If you’re a landlord and a tenant basically destroyed your property and has all this stuff left behind, you don’t want to deal with it, that’s okay. We will handle that for you.

We will make this very painless. We will pay all cash for your property. There will be no appraisals done, so you don’t have to worry about anything changing in your offer after we write the agreement if we move forward together. But what I need you to do is fill out the form on our website here to inquire about our process. And it’s very simple. Once you give us your name, address, phone number, and email address, it’ll make it into our database. We will then contact you and get a little bit more information about your property. And once we get that information, we will then go ahead and schedule a appointment to see the property in person so we can give you an all cash offer. It’s very simple, very easy to do. There’s no pressure.

We believe in nothing like a used car salesman. Either the offer works for you or it doesn’t. So if you like the offer, we’ll find out what the next steps are. And if you don’t like the offer, you just go ahead and tell us, and then you’ll go ahead and explore other options to get rid of your property if we’re not a fit. But in most cases we are a fit, and we’d be more than happy to work with you to acquire your property. But you have to basically raise your hand and contact us here, because we do take on all these type of problem properties that people come across. But also, like I mentioned earlier, you can have a property that basically doesn’t need a lot of work. Maybe needs a little paint, carpet update, maybe needs nothing.

Maybe it’s like a builder’s model where it’s just mint right away, and you bought it but you need to sell it right away. That’s okay. Go ahead and fill out the form. We will help you out and make an offer on a house like that. We just specialize in most houses that need a lot of work, but if it doesn’t need a lot of work, don’t look past us. Give us a chance. You’re out nothing, because it is no obligation at all to use our service. And our service is basically providing offers for houses for all cash. And once we give you that offer, if you don’t like it, go ahead and pass. There’s no obligation, no hard sales. We’re not going to convince you to do something if you don’t want to do it. That’s how it works.

It’s got to work for you first. And if it does, then we’ll go ahead and move forward. If it doesn’t, we’ll part way as friends, I think that’s fair enough, and there’s no cost, no obligation. And we can close very fast for you. The property that I’m here today filming, we were able to look at the property and close on it two weeks later on the timeline of the seller. The seller wanted to close two weeks later and we went ahead and accomplished that. And they left us a five-star Google review because of it, because we made it very painless for them. We had competition on this property, other people, other investors looking at it, sometimes that happens. That’s okay, because we feel like that we’re here to compete for our business from Minnesota Nice Home Buyers. We don’t care what the competition is technically doing. So if that works for you to work with them, go ahead.

But more times than not, we’re going to be the better choice because we’re fair and up front and honest people. And when we do that, nothing changes and we’re very straightforward. So meaning there’s not going to be any kind of delays in regards to providing an offer to you. Where it’s very common for other companies, you reach out, you have to get approval from a manager, got to get approval from the owner to make an offer. Well, the good thing with Minnesota Nice Home Buyers, it’s just my wife, Leah, and myself that own the company, and we are the ones that come out to the property and take a look and make the offer. So that means the buck stops with us. We don’t change anything. There’s no bait and switch, no funny business going on. We’re very straightforward people and we want to be able to help you out.

Now, let’s just say that you have a property that needs some work but you don’t want to sell fast, but you just have an idea, want to know an idea of what it’s going to cost for the property in regards to repairs, updates, or if it doesn’t need a lot of it and you just want to know how much we’re willing to offer, please fill out the form. Let us figure out what your house is worth to us and we’ll make you that all fair cash offer. And again, no obligation to go ahead and accept. If you do, we’ll move forward, if not, we’ll part way as friends. But if you need to close on your property, let’s say six, seven months down the road, that’s right, this is almost unheard of for investors to go ahead and sign a purchase agreement if you like our offer and then close roughly six or seven months afterwards. If that’s what you need, we’ll do that.

But that’s your time that made us delay that long. We can close as fast as seven days and we can go out as far as you need to. You just have to let us know how far in advance you need before you want to close. Because we’re very flexible and accommodating. We handle estate sales. That’s very common, that Mom or Dad, Grandma or Grandpa, someone passed away unfortunately, and the kids are getting a property back and it needs a lot of work and also has a lot of stuff in there from all the years of people living in there. We will go ahead and take care of that property for you if you reach out, basically allowing you to hit the easy button. And that’s what we’re trying to do.

So if you think you’re going to be a fit, go ahead and reach out. You’re under no obligation to do so. Please, if you feel like you want to talk to someone live, call our office at 320 area code, 412-1200. Again, 320-412-1200. Or go ahead and fill out the form now while you’re on the website and give us your contact information, and we’ll reach out to you and get a little bit more information about your property, and then we’ll figure out what the next steps are in regards to buying the property if it’s a fit for both of us. I’d love to hear from you. I hope there’s little bit of a property tour of the condition was beneficial for you so you would know if this is a fit for you or I. And I can guarantee you, if you have a house to sell, I would love to make an offer on it. Again, this is Travis with Minnesota Nice Home Buyers.
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