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Hi, I’m Travis.
I’m Leah. We’re Minnesota Nice Home Buyers and we’re in front of the house we just bought. We want to walk you through it and let you see what is going on here and give you a little history on the property.
Okay everyone, we’re inside the property that we just acquired and we want to show you more of the details of the property itself. We’re in the kitchen here. It needs a little bit of work. It has its wear and tear, as you can probably see throughout it. I will let you know the backstory on this property is that the homeowner had four dogs, two adult labs and two small chihuahua type dogs. It does have a strong dog odor inside the house. That’s something, obviously can’t smell through the camera, but I just wanted to let you know, by describing that, if you find yourself in that situation where you have pet problems or animal smells that you’re not sure what to do with, because listing it on the open market, it’s going to be a tough sell for someone to want to buy your property if it does have that type of smell. Because people buy on emotion and if they don’t feel like the house smells pretty neutral, they’re not going to want to buy it. So then instead of you being stuck not selling your house, you can reach out to Minnesota Nice Home Buyers so we can definitely take that task or that problem off your plate and put that task onto our plate for us to accomplish.

But throughout the house here, besides the kitchen, we’re going to come into the living room and you can see the dining room at the same time. We got an upstairs. This is just a simple two bedroom, one bath house. Getting into the backstory on this property, it’s a divorced couple. One of the rarities where they actually got along, even though they were divorcing. They knew that they had to solve the problem of selling this asset to finalize their divorce. They thought instead of going the realtor route it would be easier of selling to an investor like ourselves, Minnesota Nice Home Buyers.

We were able to help them through this difficult time to acquire the property, but allow them to sell their house in as is condition. That means as you can tell throughout the property, it did need repairs. It does need updates. It needs new carpet, new flooring, new paint, basically new window treatment, all new lighting throughout the house, and many more things. A new roof that it also needs. The siding is peeling paint. So the list kind of goes on and on and it was something that they couldn’t tackle themselves financially. So they definitely used a service like ours and we’re happy to take on projects like this.

Because I want to remind anyone watching this video right now, we buy houses in as is condition. That means you absolutely do no repairs at all to it, no updates, nothing like that. In this case, they actually cleaned out the property but if you wanted to leave stuff behind in the property, you’re welcome to do so because that’s part of our service if you want to go ahead and take advantage of that. Then the other thing is then we’re going to be paying with all cash. That means we have no appraisals, no bank saying yes or no, if we’re going to loan money on the deal. So when we make you an offer, it’s an all cash offer. Once you accept it, there is nothing else that are going to interfere from the sale by the time we signed the purchase agreement to the time that you actually want to close. Because of that, it makes it a very smooth process.

The other good thing is they wanted a very flexible closing date and that’s another good thing about our process is that it’s very flexible. So you get to pick the closing date of your choosing, but we do what we call a close honor before date. So that means if someone wants to close on a property let’s say four to six months from now, we can go ahead and do that if we agree to the terms. If you actually decide that in three months that you actually truly want to close, we are going to fast forward that closing date to the date that you actually want. You, as the seller, are a hundred percent in complete control of when that closing date is. We have no say over that. We give you a hundred percent of the flexibility in that case.

Then when that happens, as part of the process, when the date comes, we just do a simple final walkthrough of the property to make sure that it’s pretty much the condition that we saw it in when we made you the offer. Then from there, we head off to the closing company because we pay all your closing costs so that means we’re going to handle all your paperwork and handle the closing. So we head off to the closer and that’s where you get your money and we get the property and take that problem off your hands.

So if this sounds very appealing to you, we would love to do business with you. So please fill out the form on our website at Go ahead and fill out the form right now so we can be in contact with you. Or if you feel like you want to call us and talk to us directly, go ahead and pick up the phone and call us at 320-412-1200. Again, 320-412-1200 and you can reach out to us. So we’d love to hear from you. It’s no obligation at all to reach out to us. So please do so now and we’d love to talk to you soon. Have a wonderful day.
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