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Hi, this is Travis.
This is Leah with Minnesota Nice Home Buyers. We are here in front of the house we just bought on Monday. Want to give you some idea of what it looks like on the inside and kind of give you some information about the story of the house too. So let’s head in.
All right, everyone, we’re inside this property that we just acquired, and I want to kind of give you an overall condition of the property and how we bought it, why we bought it and the type of stuff that people are able to leave behind. And with that being said, I’m going to give you a showing of what we have in this property here. I’m going to go ahead and have you take a look at the living room. They kind of just left their furniture behind, the book ends. Obviously it’s a pretty messy environment, what they got going on here. They kind of have what I would perceive as the living room/dining room here. They also have a lot of stuff left behind, and then you can also see that there’s a very dated kitchen, has the older wallpaper and all that, but there’s just a lot of mess in this house, but that’s okay because we acquire that.

And I also want to show you the condition of the bathrooms and one of the bedrooms here, because it’s in pretty rough shape. But again, we specialize in buying properties that is in rough shape. So as you can go ahead and take a look at the bathroom as best as you can. We’re actually kind of blocked because there’s just so much stuff that’s we’re not able to walk in there with ease, but this is the bathroom that we acquired in this property, and it’s the only bathroom. So we got to make sure this one is the nicest looking when we’re done renovating it, but it’s okay that someone sells us a property in this type of condition.

And then we also have a very messy bedroom that’s on the main level here, that they have a lot of personal belongings left behind, and this can be overwhelming for a lot of sellers that might be in the situation where they need to sell, but they also know listing it with a realtor is just not going to be something that they can do with ease. Because obviously trying to have people come through the house in this condition is not going to help them net the most for their house, let alone, you could almost be kind of embarrassed, to be honest about selling your house in this condition. And we’re not here to shame you. We don’t judge you or anything like this. We’ve gotten tons of houses like this. You’re a human being, we can deal with you on that level and just treat you like you should be treated, with respect and dignity.

I want to give a background for the potential sellers to let you know, in this situation, the homeowner ended up moving to assisted living. Her husband unfortunately passed away. The house became overwhelming. Obviously she got up there also in age and wasn’t able to take care of the property. So they moved her to assisted living. And now the kids had to take over the property here. And obviously the kids felt very overwhelmed with the amount of stuff that’s in the house. So they heard one of our advertisements on the radio and reached out to us and see if we were interested. And we were very interested in the house. So we came out and looked at the house and made an offer, an all cash offer and told him that we can buy the house in as condition, that means absolutely no warranties are going to be implied to us. And with that being said, that means you can leave what you want behind.

That was a big selling point to the sellers, the seller’s kids actually, because they know that they didn’t have to deal with it. So they took what they wanted out of the house and they left the rest for us. We’re going to donate as much as we can here to nonprofits and that, but a decent amount of it will unfortunately end up in the trash, but that’s for us to handle and you to hit the easy button.

Again, a review of our services, we’re going to pay all cash for your house. That means no inspections, no contingencies at all. And we’re also going to be able to take the property in the condition that it’s in. We’re going to pay your normal closing costs on the transaction. So there’s no extra additional fees or closing costs. And then also you’re going to be able to pick your flexible closing date, which in this case, they wanted to close in roughly two weeks. And we were able to accomplish that very easily for them, without them feeling rushed. So we were able to do all those things as part of our service and for them to hit the easy button, which they really enjoyed a lot.

So with that being said, I want anyone else that’s thinking about selling their house and not sure if we’re a fit, your house doesn’t have to look like this. It can be a nice house, that’s okay. It could even be worse condition than this, that’s okay too. We will buy that house no matter what the condition is, from as bad as it wants to be, to as good as it wants to be. But what I need you to do is fill out the form online on our website, Or if you want to go ahead and call our office at (320) 412-1200, and we can talk about your situation over the phone and find out if we’re going to be a fit and you can give us some details about the property, and then we can come out at new obligation or cost to you and give you an all cash offer on your property.

So if that sounds intriguing, please reach out to our office, again at and fill out the form. Or if you’d like to talk to us live, please call us at our office at (320) 412-1200. And I look forward to hearing from you.
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